Bathroom remodel

bathroom remodel, tile cleaning, shower restoration, color seal, tub resurfacing, grout cleaning

Complete Bathroom Remodel

          Add beauty and function to your Knoxville bathroom with our cutting-edge remodeling services. Planning and designing a bathroom is a complex process, and too many contractors fall short at one point or another in the process. Unreliable suppliers, defective products, and low-quality materials are all too common. Our process avoids all of these issues – we work closely with homeowners and plan down to the smallest details you can imagine.

                As a family-owned and operated business, we’ve earned our loyal following by always putting our customers’ needs first. Our customer-centric approach impacts every aspect of our business, from our highly trained staff to our exceptional bathroom remodeling products.One of the most important things with a bathroom remodel is to be sure that you think through the process first and have everything explained so you know the exact process. Never go cheap with design and labor because you’ll pay for it in the end and may even need to have the remodel done again.

Bathtub to Shower Conversion

      Shower Restoration includes grout and tile cleaning. color seal of grout lines, replacement of old caulk and we fix any broken grout.  

      We can take your old, worn shower and literally make it look brand new again. Our cleaning process removes all mold and mildew.  We replace all your caulk between the tub and walls to ensure no moisture gets behind the wall to damage the infrastructure of your shower and finally we match (or change color at your request) the color of your grout lines to both seal them and make them appear new and bright again.

Handicap Accessible

       When you have elderly or differently abled members at your home, an ADA-accessible shower is a great option when it comes to their safety and convenience within the bathroom. Bathrooms designed for universal access present both design challenges and opportunities. Take careful inventory early in the planning process of all intended users' capabilities, preferences, and tastes. While universal design better accommodates users in wheelchairs, it can make a bath more comfortable for all users without sacrificing style.

       The first priority in bathrooms designed for people who use wheelchairs is plenty of room for access and maneuvering. Barrier-free bathrooms are usually larger than average. Provide for an open area within the bathroom that's at least 5 feet in diameter to allow for easy turning. Also provide 4 feet of clear space in front of each fixture, as well as between the sink and the toilet, if both fixtures share the same wall. These spaces also will allow room for a caregiver, if needed. We can make doorways 3 feet wide so a wheelchair can pass through. The bathroom door must swing outward rather than inward and should be fitted with a lever-type handle, not a knob. In small spaces, a pocket door may also be a good option. Specify a vanity designed for use from a wheelchair. Plan for a sit-down dressing table with enough clear knee space underneath so a chair can pull in close.

         The shower stall should have no threshold that would impede the entrance and exit of a wheelchair. In stall the control valves and showerheads at two different heights, or include a handheld nozzle that can be used from a seated position. A built-in seat in the shower, along with a sturdy grab bar, can provide extra comfort and utility.

         Other features of an accessible bath include grab rails mounted on reinforced walls beside the tub and toilet, faucets designed to reduce the risk of scalding, a telephone, and lower light switches.

Tile Repair

     Our professional tile repair experts at Royal Home Services can fix, repair, or even completely retile anything you need. Whether its your shower wall, bathroom walls, floor or any other tile project!

Tub Reglazing

        Our specialty is bathtub repair, resurfacing, refinishing, and reglazing. We can take your worn-out, dated bathtub and make it look brand new for a fraction of the cost of replacement. In addition to bathtub refinishing, Royal Home Services offers bathroom tile refinishing, bathroom counter top refinishing and clawfoot tub restoration.