Insurance Claims

Water Damage

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Excess moisture or flooding can cause structures and personal property to rapidly deteriorate. The harmful effects of water are reduced by prompt and effective intervention, especially within the first 24-48 hours. Even though the damage may look severe, cleanup and restoration can produce amazing results.

Roof Damage

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 High winds can damage your shingles by folding them back. Our roofing inspector will pay close attention to roof penetrations, flashing and distress areas such as blisters, curling and cracks.  We can repair and install roofs.

Fire Damage

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We will inspect for the risk of water damage, protect what you have left, remove debris, and clean up any contamination. We'll also assess any structural issues that may occur and ensure systems like the HVAC unit are repaired properly.  Our contractors can expertly design and rebuild your property's interior and exterior to be even better than before. 

Smoke Damage

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  Smoke can be a silent but deadly threat.The ash and soot from a fire are airborne. They can creep into crawl spaces, damage duct work and leave toxic residue that must be removed before your home is safe to live in again.  

Hail & Wind Damage

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 Hail can create soft spots in asphalt shingles which most manufacturers’ warranties. Often hail and wind damage can be hard to detect, so it’s important to have your roof assessed for damages before leaks form. Gutters, windows and siding may also be damaged and need replacing.

Storm Damage

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Storm damage can consist of water, roof, wind and hail damage. Fences can be knocked down, trees can fall into your home and many other damages. We can rebuild or repair your fence and remodel your home to  its former glory or make it look even better than before.

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How it works

Filing the Insurance Claim

       Royal Home Services has developed relationships with many of the leading insurance companies in the tri-county area. After we have accessed the damage, we will begin the insurance claims process. We will work with your insurance company and be a resource through the claims process  If it it exceeds a certain amount of money or damage, the insurance company will meet us at your property. We will inspect the property together to make sure we agree on the damage and the amount needed to cover. We will intercede on your behalf.  Our goal is the for you to only pay your deductible and your insurance pays for the rest.