Interior Electrician

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Electrical Installation

        Our electricians can install lights, ceiling fans, dimmers, surge protectors, flat screen televisions and home theaters.

        Installing or replacing new lighting fixtures or fans can really be a cost-effective way to transform your home. Royal Home Services has extensive experience in light fixture and ceiling fan replacement. Plus, we can also install new light fixtures and ceiling fans where one never existed. We can install task lighting, chandeliers, sconces, recessed lighting, under the cabinet lighting and mood lighting. We can install decorative fans, ventilation fans, high-performance ceiling fans and attic fans.  Fans enhance the beauty and appeal of your home or office. They also help with cross ventilation of your home or office, thereby, increasing your comfort during cold and warm temperatures. During summer, an attic fan will cross ventilate your home, cool your home and help you save on air conditioning bills. Ventilation fans in bathrooms and kitchens to keep the air fresh, clean and mold-free

      Dimming your lights saves energy, money, and creates ambiance to any room, be it office or home. Dimming your lights just 25% saves 20% in energy. Incandescent light bulbs last 20 times longer if dimmed by 50%.

      Surge protectors  will help prevent damage by being installed directly to your electrical panel and exterior A/C Units. Though a surge protector can’t stop all surges, such as a direct strike of lightning to your home, it will prevent the most common ones. It’s a small investment for your home, but it protects your valuable electronic equipment and appliances. 

      Flat screen televisions can be tricky and a pain to install. Leave it to the professionals at Royal Home Services to mount your T.V. on the wall.  We will run all of the cables and cords out of sight so everything will be fit and finished. We can also take care of your surround sound too!  

     Home theater systems makes your home feel like it has a movie theater in it. There’s something about watching movies, concerts, TV and sports in an area where the sound and picture blows us away.  Speaker placement and positioning is key to get the quality sound you want to hear and expect out of your system.  Our certified electricians are trained to professionally wire, install, and calibrate your home theater to meet the needs of your space.   

Electrical Repairs

       Do you have outlets in your home that don’t work, but no breakers are tripped? Or maybe light switches that only work some of the time? Let Royal Home Services diagnose the problem and give you options to correct the problem. Regardless if it is trouble shooting poor work or fixing something that has lasted past it’s prime, we can help you with any electrical repairs.

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