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Tile & Grout Cleaning

       Cleaning tile floors by hand is hard work. It’s messy, uncomfortable—and impossible to get the deep-clean results that come with professional tile and grout cleaning. That’s because grout, which is a porous material, collects dirt, grime and spills, often discoloring the surface. Regular mopping and spot cleaning don’t reach the hidden dirt that lies deep within the pores of your grout lines. At Royal Home Services, our tile and grout cleaning service restores the luster to your floors, making them look like new.  

      At Royal Home Services, our floor tile cleaners achieve far better results than any hand cleaning could ever do. We begin by inspecting your floor to determine the best treatment process and the proper cleaning agent. Next, our state-of-the-art tile steam cleaners yield a high-pressure water and vacuum combination that extracts dirt from deep within the tile and the pores of your grout. Although it’s safe and gentle on your floors, our unique tile and grout cleaning wand is highly effective. Clear coat grout sealant now comes standard with our tile and grout cleaning! 

Color Seal

  We have over 80 different colors to choose from to recolor grout lines. Our color seal comes with a 5 year warranty! Whether you want your existing color to be bright and beautiful or you're ready to change colors, we can meet and exceed your expectations. 

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Counter Installation , Resurfacing & Refinishing

         Our home maintenance professionals install and repair kitchen counter tops of all types, including laminate, marble, granite, quartz, natural stone and more. 

        Resurfacing kitchen counter tops involves either removing and replacing the laminate or completely re-covering it with a fresh layer of laminate or even tile. Refinishing, meanwhile, typically involves repairing the counter, sanding down stains, and re-coating the existing surface for an updated and beautiful look.   

Kitchen Backsplash Installment

        Tiling a backsplash above the counter is one of the easiest and best ways to upgrade an old, tired kitchen on a tight budget.  A backsplash is a practical solution to make one of the messiest rooms in the house one of the easiest rooms to clean. It also protects wallpaper and painted walls from the splatter of cooking which can be near impossible to remove. Wallpaper and painted walls can absorb odor from cooking so adding a ceramic tile backsplash by the stove will help to prevent this from happening. A kitchen back splash adds a focal point to an otherwise plain looking kitchen. With various tiling options you can add flair without being extravagant or overspending on interior designers or expensive wallpapers. A tile backsplash is also a great way to hide small gaps that can be unsightly when counter-tops don’t sit flush against walls, so ultimately they provide a more aesthetically pleasing kitchen overall.

Tile Repair

 Our professional tile repair experts at Royal Home Services can fix, repair, or even completely retile anything you need. Whether its your kitchen floor, your kitchen backsplash or any other tile project!