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Synthetic or Oriental Rug Cleaning

        Synthetic rugs can usually be cleaned on sight while we take any oriental rugs offsite to our shop to be properly cleaned. We understand how valuable your oriental or Persian rugs are to you.  We take special care when processing and washing these delicate rugs.

We have several methods that we can use to wash your rugs.

Hot Water Extraction:

This method is the same method used for cleaning your carpet and can be used on most rugs made in America.

River Wash Method:

This method is a very gentle method that simulates the flowing water from washing in the river. This method is recommended for area rugs that are from countries like Turkey, Afghanistan, Pakistan, etc. due to the type of ink that is used. The color of the ink may bleed out if the Hot Water Extraction is used.

Encapsulation (Dry Cleaning)

This Method utilizes very low moisture and Dry Cleaning Solutions to wash your most delicate area rugs.

        Let Royal Home Services be your rug washing experts. We offer free pickup and delivery of area rugs. 

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