Upholstery Cleaning

         Every day we sit on our favorite couches and loveseats, whether to watch a movie or to take a nap on a Sunday afternoon or just to spend time with our family. Our furniture is center to everything we do every day. Because of that our furniture picks up sweat, dead skin, body oil, dirt, microbes, allergens, pet oil, dander and many other things that will dull its appearance and produce odors. Let Royal Home Services professionally care for your furniture. Scotch guard comes standard with a one year warrenty.  You can get back to using your furniture in few hours after  we're done cleaning and restoring your furniture. We have a two hour dry time with our upholstery as well!


What is scotch guard?

Scotchguard is a fabric protector that once applied, creates a microscopic shield to fabric fibers that makes most liquids bead up on the surface of the fiber rather than immediatly  soaking into the fiber.  thus allowing you more time to wipe up any spills without them becoming permanent stains.